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Client Profiles

- My Ultra Marathon runner client runs marathons, ultra-marathons, and adventure races.  When we began training, the client had chronic knee pain and back pain, IT band syndrome, hip mobility issues, and a torn hamstring.  We have worked together to systematically correct movement deficiencies, correct muscular imbalances, and reduce compression.  Today the client is pain free and has tools to continue doing what they love.

-My youngest client is 8 years old, suffers from autism and struggles with motor skill development.  I work with his parents to teach him sports, exercise, and other physical activities that we use as an adjunct to traditional behavioral interventions, leading to improvement in his symptoms, behaviors, and quality of life.

-My oldest client is 95, legally blind and suffered with chronic back and neck pain brought on my postural decay and mobility issues.  Today she is pain free, attends church, off Broadway shows, is active in local politics, and happily dating her 99-year-old boyfriend.

-My law enforcement and first responder clients struggle with chronic back pain and weight loss issues brought on by countless hours of duty sitting in vehicles with a lack of movement and a fast food lifestyle. I teach simple tools that can be implemented on duty and during off hours to get them back on track.

-My 60-year-old female client struggles with MS, and chronic hip pain from playing tennis at Hope Valley Country Club for over 12 hours per week.   We work on corrective exercises that turn on the muscles and movement patterns that will continue to help her play tennis pain free.

-My 39-year-old female client is a Nurse Practitioner at Duke Hospital who broke her back at 14 years old and was obese.  She came to me in chronic pain from being on her feet for 12-16 hours at a time.  Today she is relatively pain free and has lost in excess of 45 pounds.

-My 65-year-old male client is venture capitalist who is an avid tennis player, golfer, and skier who came to me after starting to feel aches and pains his knees and shoulders.  A year ago he was slated for knee surgery.  By correcting muscular imbalances and faulty movement patterns he avoided surgery and continues to beat his competitors half his age while avoiding future injuries.

-My 20-year-old female client is in medical school and an avid triathlete.  Because of postural issues from hours of studying and time spent bent over her distance cycling training she began to develop crippling lower back pain.  With a simple template she implements around her training she now has a tool to study and compete pain free.

-My 45-year-old female client is a CEO afraid to attend a regular gym and has never worked out in her life even though she is highly successful in the workplace. Currently she is struggling with weight loss issues.  I provide a safe ego free, judgment free space at my private studio with simple tools to get her started on her journey, keep her sustained and ensure her success..

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