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United States Marine Corps Veteran

Active TIER 1 US Government Security Clearance 

Special Operations Forces Health Initiatives Medical Advisory Board

Member - Special Operations Medic Coalition (SOM+C)

NSCA Tactical Strength & Conditioning Facilitator

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt


International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Gold Medalist / American National Masters Champion

National Rifle Association

  • Range Safety Instructor

  • Pistol Instructor

Modern Samurai Project

  • Red Dot Fundamentals Instructor Certificate 

Personal Protection Coach 


Forensic Accounting Analyst 

Fund Tracing / Asset Identification / Asset Recovery /  Due Diligence Reviews 

Private Security Contractor 

Low Visibility Security / Executive Protection


FBI Department of Justice National Hostage Negotiators Conference 

  • Presenter 

Combat Strength Training / TMACS Inc. Cadre Instructor 


Dr. Hal Breedlove – FBI / DOD Consultant

  • Tactical Vision Training & Education

Steve Reichert  - US Marine Corps Sniper / Longest Confirmed Kill in Iraq / Founder-TIER 1 Group

  • M-4 Carbine Employment

  • Handgun Skill Development

  • Defensive Handgun

  • Precision Rifle Package


Dave Maynard / War Fighter Academy - US Navy UDT / SEAL (Ret.) / CIA Operative / Co-Founder - Surefire Institute

  • Defensive Handgun

  • Low Light / No Light Gun Fighting


Tom Spooner + JD Potynski / Northern Red Training- 1st SOF DELTA / Special Forces 

  • Gunfighter Carbine

  • Gunfighter Pistol

  • Advanced Opposed CQB, OPFOR with DEA, FBI HRT, Special Forces, SWAT

  • Combatives 

Pat McNamara / TMACS INC- 1st SOF DELTA / Special Forces


  • TAPS Handgun

  • TAPS Carbine

  • Vehicle Tactics

  • Sentinel Course

  • Combat Strength Training 

Mike Pannone / CTT Solutions- 1st SOF DELTA / Special Forces / AWG / Force Reconnaissance Marine


  • Covert Carry Pistol

Mike "The Witch Doc" Voytko-1st SOF DELTA / Special Forces Medic / JSOC Medical Instructor


  • TCCC / Trauma Management

Sgt. Major John Shrek McPhee "Sheriff of Baghdad"-1st SOF DELTA / Special Forces 


  • Pistol

  • CQB Night Vision

  • Precision Night Vision, Thermal, Laser

Kyle Defoor / Defoor Proformance Shooting - US Navy SEAL (Ret.)


  • Carbine / Carbine Combatives

  • Low Viz Pistol / Pistol Combatives

  • Medical

  • Sayoc Kali Blade Template

  • Scoped Rifle

  • Mindset

  • Binocular use and observation

  • Ranging

  • Wind calls

  • Unconventional Shooting Positions

  • Low Percentage Shots

  • NODS & Lasers

Aaron Barruga / Guerilla Approach

  • Functional Movement Marksmanship Pistol

Travis Haley / Haley Strategic Training - Force Reconnaissance Marine / DOS / PMC

  • D5 Disruptive Science™ Handgun

Andrew McElroy / TRC- 75th Ranger Regiment / Special Forces Sniper / Army Marksmanship Unit Instructor

  • Introduction to Red Dot Pistol 

Scott “Jedi” Jedlinski / Modern Samurai Project

  • Appendix IWB + Red Dot Pistol: “The Path to Performance”

  • Red Dot Fundamentals Instructor Course 

Bill Rapier / AMTAC Shooting - US Navy SEAL /  DEVGRU Assaulter / Sniper (Ret.) 


  • Pistol, Integrative Combatives, Sayoc Knife Template. Mindset


Sayoc Tactical Group (STG) - Master Chim, Tom Kier, Bill Rapier

  • Integrative Combatives, Sayoc Knife Template, Mindset

Anonymous- Central Intelligence Agency Ground Branch Instructor

  • Integrative Combatives, Mindset, Personal Protection Inside / Outside the Home, Surveillance 

OSINT Open Source Intelligence Training

HAM, MURS, GMRS Radio Communications Training


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