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STEP 1: Discovery Call

After your inquiry via Email or Phone , I will communicate with you to set up a Discovery Call to learn more about your needs, goals, schedule preference, and to share information regarding my experience and methodology.  During this call if you wish to proceed forward, we will set up an Initial Assessment Date and Time which takes place at my facility or by video if you are a remote client.

Step 2: Complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire + Liability Waiver

Once  you set up an Initial Assessment Date and Time, you will receive a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).  My functional movement and rehabilitative exercise practice has a focus on addressing the root causes of chronic pain, correcting movement dysfunction, injury prevention, and sports performance.  You are unique and this approach necessitates collection of detailed information that you may not have ever provided in the past, but is essential to the success of this approach.   

Additionally you will receive a link to my Liability Waiver & Release form which you will sign digitally. 


NOTE: Please fill out both of these at least 24 hours prior to your Initial Assessment in order for me to have time to read them.

Step 3: Complete an Initial Assessment

The Initial Assessment is your first meeting with me live at my facility or by video if you are a remote client.


Cost: $225 - The cost includes a 1.5 - hour in-person Live / in -person Virtual session and 30 minutes of post session program design and tech set up.  Depending on the dynamics and needs, I occasionally conduct a joint assessment with couples. The cost of a joint assessment is time and a half.

The Initial Assessment is structured as an assessment and education session where I assess your posture, imbalances, and movement patterns in order to design a customized exercise prescription  During this session, I will educate you with tools for varying from weight loss, strength, and flexibility.  You will learn ways get out of chronic pain, enhance athleticism, and prevent future injuries.  You will leave the assessment session with a clear picture of what you will need and it will help you make an informed decision about future sessions. 

Step 4: Attend Regular Sessions 

All regular client sessions are 55 minute customized sessions with an additional 5 minutes to discuss scheduling and complete any administrative communication relevant to your program and session notes to help you with compliance after the session.  Please arrive promptly on time to maximize our work together.  You may video record  your personalized video instructions and and take notes on collateral material to ensure your success.  With my guidance you will achieve competence to sustain you own daily practice with solutions for your needs.  


My clients typically train once every three to four weeks with some of them going off on their own after 1-3 packages and returning intermittently throughout the year for guidance and new layers of material.   I understand that everyone has different variables of mental and physical learning bandwidth coupled with scheduling needs, and we will communicate to find what works best for your situation.

The cost is structured as follows:

  • $100 for a single session

  • $475 for a 5-session package ($95 per)

  • $900 for a 10-session package ($90 per)

Depending on the dynamics and needs, I occasionally conduct joint sessions with couples.

The cost of joint session is time and a half of whatever package you choose.

Payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card using SquareUp*, Venmo and CashApp**

*Credit Card Payments

All Credit Card payments have a handling fee of 3% if you wish to avoid the fee you may pay in check or cash.

**Venmo & CashApp Payments

Using Venmo & CashApp is the easiest way to avoid transaction fees



Cancellation Policy:

If a client must cancel a scheduled session, such cancellation must be made at least twenty-four hours (24) prior to the scheduled session or the client will be charged for the session.  If more than 3 sessions are cancelled or rescheduled in less than twenty-four hours (24) in any 90 day period, I reserve the right to place you on a probationary status until you are in a place to demonstrate better compliance.  

Notes & Video Policy

Many times I have my clients film their "homework" with their smartphone or iPad, so please have space on your device if you wish to do so. You may also take notes on your device.  If you do not have a device bring a pen and note pad. 

Please do not put video or notes on the internet in any capacity.

Time Policy

If you happen to arrive more than 5 minutes early, please feel free to either wait in your vehicle, or enter the front door of the building and wait up front in the waiting room until I come up front to get you as I may still be in my studio area with a client, in a conference call, or on one of my personal wellness breaks.  Feel free to let the receptionist at the front desk know you are here for an appointment with me.


Training Package Expiration Policy:

There is a six month expiration date from the date of purchase on all training session packages.

Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis if the clients has a medical issue or employment related issue.

Refund Policy:

Refunds may be considered due to Extended Hospitalization or Long Term Employment Loss. 

With that said,  I have expertise in working with the most injured populations and those with terminal illnesses

and I have been able to adapt to many situations using Remote Training capabilities via the web.

Note: For clients who are  struggling with chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Cancer, MS, ALS, Parkinsons, digestive health issues, autoimmune diseases, or on pain medications, I recommend a Functional Medicine Assessment and Prescription with Clarissa Kussin, an elite Functional Medicine Health Coach with a clinical practice.   Clarissa will work with you to implement lifestyle modifications that address digestive health, sleep hygiene, and inflammation - all of which play a large role in the success of our work together. 

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