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Discover Foundation Training - Learn to Get out of Pain, Prevent Injuries, and Enhance Performance.

Over the last two decades as a health and wellness professional, I have dealt with injuries and surgery complications sustained from my time serving in the US. Marine Corps, additionally I have lived with chronic neck and back pain from multiple automobile accidents. I would like to introduce you to a movement system called Foundation Training which has become an essential tool in my tool box coupled with regular chiropractic care and other wellness modalities

Foundation Training was created by my friend Dr. Eric Goodman and I am honored to be the the Triangle's only certified Foundation Training instructor. I employ this system daily with private clients here at Dr. Krasnov's Chiropractic Partners office with great results.

Additionally, I help maximize human potential and teach clients how to achieve optimal health and wellness at any age or fitness level. Whether your goals are Prehab, Rehab, weight loss, strength, mobility, flexibility, or enhanced performance, I will guide you to your customized blueprint.

Contact me at to learn more about how Foundation Training can help you. From grandparents to teenagers, desk warriors to elite athletes, 100,000's of people just like you have discovered the freedom, relief, strength and happiness that practicing Foundation Training brings. Learn more by watching the video below.



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