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Functional Patterns Human Foundations

As you may know. I run the nonprofit Warrior Wellness Solutions where I deliver training and education to combat wounded veterans struggling with chronic pain and structural issues. My own injuries sustained from my time serving in the US Marine Corps combined with my nonprofit work have lead me on a relentless quest to uncover systems that truly facilitate change. I recently returned from Austin, TX where I was certified in Functional Patterns(FP) Human Foundations. Over the next several months I will highlight some sustainable tools from the FP system.

FP is a foundational yet radically inventive approach to training the human body. An FP Practitioner's first task with a client is ingraining the 3 pillars of optimal posture and establishing it as a base for movement. This phase alone merits FP uniquely therapeutic as it directly translates to a more stable spine and buffers against low back pain, neck pain, etc. Once accomplished, static positions and basic exercises unique to FP are introduced to re-tension key muscles that are dormant in the population especially during certain contexts such as walking. Finally, we move to more dynamic movements that serve to neurologically and physiologically connect long chains/slings of muscles that are designed to function together such as the AOS (anterior oblique sling) and POS (posterior oblique sling). This is critical because these are the same chains and slings that become disconnected through bad movement strategies and postural habits.

My sessions with clients prevent and reverse chronic structural injuries by treating the root causes of pain and movement dysfunctions. I work alongside medical professionals to create a culture of wellness by empowering individuals to take charge of their health.

For more information or to set up your complimentary consultation contact me at or 919.525.4693

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